I went to my microwave, put in a knife with stains, a note that says ‘i am raged’, a nice slice of pie with sage, some mice with aids, a pipe with ‘hay’, a line of yay, a 9 or ‘K, a foil sheet; 9×8, an nicely glazed, icing cake, a fly thats beige, wine thats aged, & a virus plague, in its final stage, along with this hater who tried to say, that my rhymes are gay, & mikes the name, that defines a lame, then i shut the door & set it on high for days.. & if the guy escapes, the skies will gape, & he’ll get strangled by a vine of grapes, as he tries to save, himself when he climbs away.. that was fun haha.. anyone wanna continue the rhyme? or start a new one?

Do you ever have trouble with timed writing? I do and I’m scared that it will hurt my testing scores

I love all of your videos, and I especially enjoy your Eastern Philosophy videos. I think that Eastern ideas and beliefs should be taught more in Western cultures.

Great video, straight forward and to the point, thank you!

Explain by English

On the habits of reading of kids at young ages

You mentioned that women get more degrees but you failed to mention what areas of study those degrees are in. I won’t use the word ‘propaganda’ like a lot of other people would, but it’s hard to take an argument seriously when in misses out key facts. Also, without even going into the fact that you provided no evidence for it, your assertion that prejudice comes from pleasure and/or being threatened is somewhat incorrect and only applies to a very select few of the people you’re targeting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your videos and herald many of the causes you support, but this video is disappointing. On top of this, you’re focussing on what is ultimately a non-issue. Criticizing this one guy for his choice of shirt isn’t helping when there are actual instances of the abuse of women happening every day. Surely targeting those cases would be more helpful to the cause?

Incredible English. I am awe-struck by his verbiage and diction.

I’m so thankful for my life.

Experience is normal pursuit is optional

I watched many times, its great inspiration to anyone in this world 🌎


I speak 3 languages, Danish, english and arabic. Also i’m studying spanish om School.

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell?

This is really cool, keep up the work Tango! Zedaph is alive! Brb I have to watch his vid…


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