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He got 10 million views for stating the obvious. Have we become so detached from basic, natural principles? Every immigrant follows the exact same baby rules for language acquisition and most do well in the new language.

I was watching a joke animatic it had a link i typed it in this happened

RIP chicken 1 like = 1 prayer

Gona si tu haces al final de los episodios un reto que te falto?

Cutting his wing might have had something to do with hardening of arteries, what with all the stress of training and lack of natural flight to exercise and destress

Please, say it and maybe make a video about.

Not just in villages, in cities also such people exist…

“The following comment does not apply to trees, woodchucks, dolphins, breakfast cereals, badgers, amoebas, Oakland Raiders Fans, used crankcase oil, expired boxes of Pop Tarts, embarrassingly public farts, soybeans, or starfish.”

This trailer gave me a boner.

He sounds like dry from dispicaple me

Wwwhhhaaattt where’s the communist manifesto!

Another awesome video

That was impressive.

Mine doesn’t have. I tried to learn Finnish but they have 15… I had to stick with German instead. Much easier.

Please, tell me about the teacher responsibility. Your teaching is good but i want to know more about how important of Passive voice sentences.

That… was so eloquently put. Im not buddhist.

Most concepts & ideology mentioned in this video, regarding Buddhism & “Gauthama Buddha” are incorrect!

I like how they are all wearing black except for the guy showing he was different. The girl at the end was wearing all black too so I am guessing that she was like them. At least I hope that is what they were going for.

This video gives meh chills

It isn’t?

I think this video is fantastic – it explains why you need to use databases in a fun and entertaining way

Of institutional forces, and therefore have developed more of a reliance on individual processing.


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