Thank u sir…plz…make video on burning topics..

This is probably your most impressive video yet. You kept knowledge in your content as before and changed the speaking format so drastically and it worked so well. I love your videos.


When man used to be a caveman he used to work all day to earn food. Now when he don’t need to work all day for food, he invented many things in his leisure time. In future when humans are replaced by robots for mechanical work, humans will have even more time and explore many things. Science will boom and humans will reach other stars.

So we aren’t gonna learn how to make an infinite amount of chocolate :/

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

But what happens if both Demand and Supply increase? Does price increase or stay the same? Does that depend on how much supply and demand increase relative to each other? Help!

Thanks a lot Emma


When you see 3rd world countries with higher education standards then the US then watch this supposed ‘EDUCATOR” it is easy to understand why the US ranks 43 in math and science

Do you even understand how Flesh-Kincaid is calculated? It’s based on the average syllable length of the words. A totally meaningless metric. Using longer words does not mean you’re smarter.

Un juego de los creadores de lite inferno


At 0:40 you quote Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. but for some reason there’s a picture of Milton Friedman! Fn Milton Friedman!

This makes me wonder how hard English is for Germans to learn.


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