How about explaining how Charlize Theron’s Grosse Pointe dialect in mad Max.

I believe that we are here to make a positive change


I must agree.

4:40 who’s that lady in green?


This is amazing!! Thank you so much!! Got my econ final tomorrow 🙂

Thank u… I didn’t knew how shifters work… Now the concept is clear 😊

Plucked eyebrows attractive? for some I guess. How plucked? 20% ? 50%?

I kind of agree with that. We have to learn something. Learning to stab yourself is a bad idea. They encouraged me to be a traitor essentially and work against the interests of my country, which feeds me. I guess it’s to fight certain things. Hate yourself was a strong, trained impulse. There’s a happy balance. No, that’s not what I’m doing now. We all learn our lessons if we survive though.

Damn it i love this show

It is like a coward who runs away from battle saying he has “Ended” the War

@Clikzvidz you sir, win the comment of the year

Holy shit professor, what a theory!! Are you going to invent the wheel next?

Mediocre interviewer but I am thankful he kept interruptions minimal and the questions were alright.

All this advanced technology and it still takes 3 days for a check to clear. Isn’t that weird?

Got an exam tomorrow on of mice and men and an inspector calls, never read them but i think i probably know the book better than the authors i have that many notes on them! D:

I’m doing As English Lit and one of the girls from your school who goes to my College suggested your videos and I redid an essay for my English Teacher and went from a U to a B so thank you for sharing! xx

3: who are here selfish + sadist + narcist greeeed obessions? More im more more never enough! Get awake dude!

This should be a concern to homosexuals.


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