Thank you for that nice clip, have to learn this for my a level

Read Orwell if u want to know ur future.

Warcraft 3 on nr 4 ? have you lost your mind? , warcraft and starcraft are both NR: 1 and then comes all the rest….

I understand everything

(I’m from the UK but been living in the USA for over a year and find the healthcare system far more wasteful and time consuming that in the UK for no benefits at all, just pain, hassle and thinking about money which is a really strange concept to me).

Spamming? Ping

In reality klingon is based off a very very sub english. the creator based numbering and some forms off english. you would need to understand English numbering and math basics to get the numerous down.

I really enjoyed the lacture 🙈

This is really cool! Erik Singer’s knowledge makes you interested in accents and you I watched the whole video. Also the previous one. I hope more of these will come in the future.

Can he act? I’ve heard of the brain processing language differently when it’s memorized and recited than when it’s natively produced. If he’s given a script he can read, could he memorize and recite it back or will his brain always distorted anything he tries to say?

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

Thanks a lot for help

These are constructed to cause doubt over the principle of saving lives, but the reasons they cause this doubt are not because of the principle but because of extenuating circumstances.

People whom do not listen can’t control their speech…

Are metal planets actual metal planets yet? Y’know so you can build extractors anywhere and everywhere?


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