Bel video Cry.:D

As faggety Martin is, and as much as I think he’s a piece of shit with a bad attitude, he would be the type to get you killed. Anyone with money and connections like he has could hire 10 professional hitmen in a heartbeat. Ghost would become a ghost. We’re talking on the level of Russian mob shit. That’s why he talks the way he talks. He can get people put on milk cartons…

The voice. smh

Money is worth SH*t in HELL

NAFTA destroyed the USA economy

XDDD the start xDD lol xDD STILL, he IS INTERESTING! 😉

Thank you so much and Mam you’re gorgeous too.

The review packet is just as great as the videos!! They helped me learn, and Mr. Clifford found a way to sneak his humor into the packet. I can’t believe I was laughing through the packet, and excited to get the page done to see what Mr. Clifford had written on the next page. I think it is awesome a video is included with the download also. The only critique I have for the review packet is I wish I could purchase micro/macro individually. Thanks so much Mr. Clifford You are the best. I hope you make millions with these videos because you deserve it!

Liz you are the best

It’s nice to know that other people feel this way

I thought is said hand writing

This guy is a genius a genuine genius

Outside of self-defense, it is wrong.

He is actually good at this game! 😀

Ugh. I don’t like this kind of stuff. You’re supposed to read the (relatively very short) book. This barely explains anything.

I actually would love to learn how to speak Valyrian.


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