Hey Dani, I have my unit 1&2 exam this afternoon. Please can I have revision material for only unit3 (exam next week), you can send them to

You’r making all that experiences and you create the musics also? Omg, great human, good job.

Don’t dignify humans, they are (because I change my lifestyle to a green one) all perfectly design to destroy the planets natural life.

Sir, in the start when i was searching a good teacher on YouTube i felt that you were bit fast. But.. When I put your vedios on playlist i kept the vedio on 2x speed and i could easily understand the things.. Actually i made. It fast to avoid distractions while studying. No one noticed it.. If your teach in a fast pace.. There’s no way a student can get distracted or day dream. Thank you sir.. It helped in my exams

The answer to the Question at the end: Annoyed.

These videos are awesome!

“There will be jobs for horses we can’t imagine…” Belongs on a t-shirt.


Most of this dark skin people live in S. India. Even amongst themselves, they practise this system. The more powerful and rich abusing the weak and poor.

Wait, I thought putting my hand in my pockets made me look cool?!

Many of us know this all too well. . . along with Chomsky, who put it into words, so graphically, and frightenly, animated in this film. Alas propaganda has been all too strongly here in the US retooled as a war between the “Conservatives” and the “Liberals”, the “God Believers” and the “Other religions and Atheists”, etc. Both sides use it to a point no one trusts the another. And unfortunately the media amidst it all, in this world of multi-sources, it is our avenue to view the world, and maintain our sanity.


Its not the average you divide. However, good explanation though

Could I still get the ultimate revision packet if I live in the UK?

I just started to watch your channel, and it is great. Keep it up. Nice work.

What did you get in English literature As/A level


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