I have a question. Is there a historic society without any kind of religion? You know, one that did not “invent” or adopt any gods, myths, supernatural, etc?

The Luther parts were some of my favorite skits from Key and Peele. This video is so great, omg, how did Obama not laugh during this. So awesome 💝💝💝 And that ending, well done 😂😂😂

Das Spielzeug DES KindES.

757 idiots dislike

Not bashing hinduism, but if the so called d untouchables were created from. God’s feet why are they less of a person. Good isn’t discriminating each part of the supreme spirit should be equal. But thats just my opinion. Maybe I don’t understand their religion. Its a rather low way of thinging tho, no child should be born into the world with zero chance of greatness.

#Zhabiz Shafieyoun good presentation

“Dey terk er jerbs!!!”

L really like this video, thank u so much…..sir

-Khomeini Mass executions and the sick nature of the Islamic regime

The helicopter thing sounds really fun, and i wondered for the robot map cutter unit, does hie die in the proces? becuase the map kinda floats apart and there is no returning for him since he cuts inbetween his own legs

Thanks Liz, for your useful tips and explanation, i believe it would be remarkably helpful for any one who wanted to be seat for IELTS exam, can you please tell me how could i improve my total writing both in task-1 & task-2 ?

Hi Liz! First of all, I’d like to thank you about all materials that you give for free here, on youtube, and on your blog.

Awesome! Thanks so much for this man, very helpful..hope you were not lying to us haha

Why is Trump disastrous as a candidate? He’s the perfect candidate for Americans – loud, obnoxious, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, self-promoting, self-absorbed blow hard filthy rich asshole – what most Americans aspire to be. Why do you think “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” was so popular?… Or why do you think a drunk disoriented chimpanzee like GWB was elected not once but twice into office?

In this video it utilized the case of the water bottle and the procedures it needs to experience before it clears a path to the store. The production network showed that each progression expected to get the water to stores needs to have an equivalent activity. This implies these means require each other to achieve the ultimate objective.

The kid mist likely didn’t respond well to it because it sounds like a chain smoking caveman who might kill you or who might spit a lung oyster at you, neither is a nice feeling for a 3 year old I think.

The Russia won the war!

Thank you Emma. Good job, I like your videos.

You should do the Sims language

This woman is probably in love with the fat orange retard or has an very selective memory about not only how he speaks but mostly what comes out of this filthy guy, and believes that “we” are “all” like him in speech and manner! What a load of insults, maybe he is like her family but most certainly not like mine!

Boris articulate PAHAHAHAHAHAHA

@mysty0: actually, you can blame corporate america for your above mentioned ills. Big business is and has been the single driving force of unhealthy foods, cigarette smoking and the reckless proliferation of mass consumerism, period. Globalization, which mostly benefits the rich, continues the relentless grind toward greed. Its not the baby boomers misguided one, its the world according to the holy grail of corporate profits. Wake up and smell the kool-aid.


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