I didn’t at any point say both sexes can’t do jobs the others do. Nor did I say anything about their employment or sexual orientation. Behaviour is explained in biology. Which is why people know they shouldn’t hit someone but do anyway. Chemicals in their bodies over-ride what they’ve been taught and nature takes over momentarily. Boys competitive instinct drives them to sports a lot of the time. It’s not pushed by parents, I know this from being a little boy once. You want to compete…

Being an MCU fan I disliked the video before even watching it…after watching this…I liked it.

Mam my exam is on 14 Oct and am not ready for writing module help me to improve my writing both tasks

German, Latin, English and now learning French

Http://img2.wikia. nocookie. net/__cb20121130181757/althistory/images/8/82/Flag_of_the_Second_Spanish_Republic_%28plain%29.svg

Good points.

Sherlock, Harry Potter, Smallville, Arrival… So nice that someone out there has a similar taste in movies and TV series as mine, I felt so alone in this up until now 😛

I don’t understand due to simultaneously loudness of sound..

The 12 stages are similar to legends of zelda a link between worlds

2-Which is the most important functionin in HRM?

Prince Ea, It is sad that Greed is the number one key that is causing so much harm to our Mother Earth. We were put here to take care of her and all that live on her and in return, she feeds and shelter us as our children and their children to come will follow and continue on and teach them never take more then you need and always remember to give back to the Earth.

“human fingers found in burger restaurants”!? AWwwww

0:46 cracked me up. this is me when i have to answer any econ question

This was incredible! It gives me a starting point for my thesis. Thank you.

I write songs’s another white Boy acting like a N*gg*r oops shouldn’t used the N word should’ve said wigger he’s got every one saying oh its shady it’s slimwhen this jerk wrote songs about killing Kimthe little liberal puppet that looks like a Froghanging wit punks like snoop Dogyou punks wanna speak your mind when Trump says grab em by the pussy now it’s “unkind”well rewind… to the time that you Rap punks rapped about fuckin Bitches & shooting bloods & crips from NYC to the Hollywood stripsrunning your mouths & talkin shitproves you are a liberal hypocrites.

‘The big short’

Lol how come everyone laughed so hard for the guy who said “didn’t have the Supreme Court”?

I was working on the spanish subtitles but the option for upload it doesnt appear! 🙁


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