Im in an online course and this is literally my course lesson for lesson. glad I found this

Short sweet and to the point.

Show me whatchu got

*cough* the government represents the politicians and government employees, and the rest of the crony capitalist businessmen.

WOW, that helped A LOT, I have an exam in 5 seconds, oh jesus, thank you varry muhch Crash Course!!!!

My question is that all this information about academic essay? can we never use this strategy for general essay? kindly explain me. Thanks

a justification was needed for this new, modern narrative.

Hallo, Ich bin Omar, Ich komme aus Syrien, Ich lerne Deutsch. 🙂

Do Max Stirner’s Egoism

When was this interview recorded?

Our future will be so bad. I don’t want to live in a world where a job is not applicable to humans. I hate the idea. We will be lazy as never before! We will all be fat and have too much spare time so we don’t get to appreciate moments of rest and spare time. I’m not sure, maybe I’m just afraid and know too little, or maybe I am right. There is one way to find out what answer was right, and I don’t want it to happen.

Thank you sir, you helped me pass my writing test! And now I have my GED

Really, Nietzsche embraced nihilism? He embraced it with fear perhaps…

We, as a society, are too concerned with who is offended with what. The real question is what is The right thing to do. In this case, freedom of choice (to wear shirt you like) wins.

Economics is common sense lol

Duuude, you lost me in dog trying to reach a tart…. best 2 minuts on internet today… just kidding awesome video

Programmers everywhere bash their heads on their keyboards

“He saw there was no firm line between what was sick and what was healthy


Sure-fire sign that a novel is great: It causes a riot!


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