Much easier to understand than our Prof. 🙂

King of Pluto had no religious agenda, shitface, he was doing this for money.

Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

You should see if you could get a beat boxer to help you with this one. I’ve been on a Pentatonix kick lately, and their beat boxer went to Yale, so he’s probably smart enough to get what you’re saying and do a video with you. He also plays cello.

Well i’m convinced that philosophy is a fake science of it isn’t bound by a belief, with the limits of a belief philosophy descends into a long list of crazy ideas.

NB: adjective and noun changes through Dative and Locative are the same, the only difference is the use of preposition “o” (“about”) in Locative.

“After actually watching the entire video” Oh…that makes sense…Sorry

Goma subí fnaf

4:00 yay, Polish! (my mother language)

Happy birthday, thugger.

I have yet to see a window through his public (and occasionally meant-to-be private) language that reveals a deep and thoughtful and highly intelligent brain from this gigantic suit of fast-food accumulation, hot air, and age.

This list is a piece of cr*p. The most popular book of the 20th century, voted by the people, was a Tale of Two Cities, followed by the Lord of the Rings. Maybe you should include what people actually think next time.

Hey thats pretty good.

This is like the opposite of the original humanity. The chubby man is “gay, overweight, walking so slow like a turtle and unintelligent. People are just like killing themselves. In a very special and rare way.

Thanks maa’m you help me a lot

The Stranger


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