I want spit on that Brahmin guy wearing sun glasses while he is talking.

Kant believe you didn’t make a pun between Batman and his ‘Utility’ belt xD

If we don’t believe in any version of an afterlife; then life becomes much more fragile and finite; which would surely leave us with a greater empathic drive?…right?

This is my challenge in life; to show compassion and love towards the followers of the most evil and hateful religious ideology.

Thanks for the help!

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many Africans in European armies during WW1 lmao

WHAT?! Not any family member of mine nor any friend of mine.

I love this guy… soo inspiring… kudos😎

Pizza John shirt!

Have the audio to this on my phone, really glad to see it right infront of me

The interviewer is such an idiot. Why don’t they pick someone qualified to interview a legend. One of the worst Chomsky interviews. I can see Chomsky being wildly discontented about the stupid “Googley” subjects brought forward. Just horrible questions.

Wow its awsome video and right way to learn

Jfyi, it’s actually “smartestest”, not “most smartest”.

Lololololol all us mathematicians are safe


These are things that were drilled into me in jr and sr high school. Back in the day!

The aetiology of homosexual desire and identity.

Face to find her in an over-sized witch gown and Christmas hat dyed an

I’m a filipino and almost 90% of filipinos speaks english. It’s like our second language now. And I’m learning Korean

Saw several comments about how this is used by lazy directors (as if they always write the films), uninspired stories, ‘since it’s a fancy $10 word i’ll add a fancy explanation,’ blah blah blah, but, ya know, sometimes it’s okay to have fun and indulge in some nostalgia. heaven for fend some people get a kick out of seeing the millennium falcon, right?


I would love to see one about Kafka!!!

Winger it is a really good book about a 14 year old boy trying to survive high school at a boarding school

Romantical music aint for studying bro, you need barroc, Bach makes you better at focusing.

So in a society like this a disabled transgender lesbian black woman (who has also watched a pigeon die) would have a future brighter than the fucking sun


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