Video was basic and easy thank you it helped

Marvel are using different color grading to separate one planet or one world for another.

Specialists there squeezed out a hitherto-unknown malignant B. M.I. (Brain Mass Index) analysis that was nothing less than SHOCKING!

他妈的! 我的华文太差了。有华人在这里吗?

Later efforts to civilize the Germanic androphagi led by the

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All was well.


This is sooo helpful, usually I struggle to find good quotes under pressure. sooo thanks Eve : )

I don’t think pianos are made from elephants

I dont understand in term of no policy. Why?

You made one mistake there is not the same number of even numbers as there are even and odd numbers. Both are infinite and go on forever, but the group of even numbers has the same number as the group of odd numbers and both added together equal the total of infinte whole numbers. Just as the group of rational numbers is infinite it is clearly larger than group of infinite real numbers. See Hilberts 1900 Most Important Questions for 20th Century Mathematics which the solutions contain proofs of certain infinities being greater than other infinities.

Well, this seems like a perfect way to learn basic algorithmic thinking and assembler languages. Definitely stuff they should have at schools.

The Styrofoam balls are like “No touchy!”

Time to binge watch for the apes in less than 24 hours :’)

We are not animals…

What song was played in 13:16??

Shia are also a majority in Azerbaijan and Bahrain (don’t ask the Bahraini government if thats true though) just saying, might be something to bring up…

References to the books please…

Love this guy


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