Iakšaku (सूर्यवंश इक्श्वाकू)

Can we talk about what we can do to put an end to it? Or is it too late to act?

Wow!!! I have no words:( I don’t have much, but when I see thing like this I’m humbled and grateful

Thank you for your videos. It do give me some ideas.

Ty dude this is great

It’s been real. it’s been good.

In portuguese, as in all other romance languages but romanian, we’ve dropped the cases from latin, but we still have some of them in our personal pronouns.

If I could I’d want to get at and stay at the copier floor. I loved that in my old job, even if the copier jammed sometimes. I was one of the two people who used it most often so it was easy to just hang out while it copied papers.

If I did, anyone can do it.

College is supposed to be an ordeal that separates the qualified from everybody else. Its entire purpose is to set up a class boundary between elite and underclass, and to make this distinction fair because those who graduate EARNED IT. It is already too easy for you.

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

We are born as slaves and die as slaves.

Perhaps another suggestion, would be a genre about music and the wisdom they acquire. For example the music of Beethoven and how it influences people.

Can’t stop laughing LOLLLL


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