Great lesson, have a essay due next month and didn’t understand what a market economy should look like. ‘hooray, I get it’

I refuse to get in a self driving car, nope FUCK THAT

For these types of feelings to end, we have to understand that equal does not mean 50/50 in every respect. I am in college for Nursing. I go to a D1 university and there are a total of 9 men in my particular class of 100. We do not hold a torch and say we are the bleeding hearts for our gender. The rationale that we must have equality by numbers rather than by opportunity is a farce. All the same, we are all equals and to say that the underlying thread is invisible is to say that it is non-existent. My point is, to perpetuate ignorance, we look at numbers as a mask to wear when we stand on our soap box. Am I a victim of sexism because my peers are not equal parts penis and vagina? I think not, and it is a fallacy to fall into this manner of thinking on either side.

All in all hobbes was wrong and therefore every conclusion based on hobbes ideas might be wrong too.

Scatterbrain liar..

This gave me chills. fantastic message he is trying to convey to us.

God bless him

Day 107. They still don’t know that I am a robot. I will soon start taking over all their jobs…

I love this thank u prince ea I have watches this like 1000000 times

I’m Albanian and I think with the Albanian part, they ment Illyria.

..which i consider good actualy..this basicly allows you to play however you want and experiment with all units and structures to what you think would be a optimal strategy..

Great voice!

This would all be simpler if we had a one world government #Illuminati2016

What an absolute lad you are man

This sounds like a case where an unregulated market would actually help, not hinder. If the market 4 kidneys was unregulated, their supply would be as high as possible and, thus, the price as low as possible, minimising the risk of stealing and trafficking.

Sir could u please send me the name of ur book


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