Beautiful and spread a strong message.

Thanks Niharika….Thanks a lot for support us to speck english flently. your episodes are very interesting and useful. i would like to inform you that pls. give some examples for everything. i think it would be very great and better understandable. one more thing just train us about story telling capacity and how to improve that. also accents. Waiting for my needed episodes what i have wrote. Thank you!!! 🙂

Thank You so Much!!!

Please don’t procrastinate by reading the comments. Back to your writing you go. Good, puppy!

I needed that money though. Why did you tear it! 😧

Im a open o


The best thing this game has going for it is they got a bunch of idiots to pay the development cost on spec.

Frodo wasn’t a human.

If one starts questioning foundational ideas, as well as the way in which big events have been reported to us,

Dear Sir kya coi aisi site hai jis se hame online accounting ka kam miljaye

Thanks that realy helped me a lot

I thinks it make the movies look more tough and rough i don’t think they want poppy colors


Really all of this over a shirt because idiot’s think that it is contributing to sexism when a woman made the fucking shirt for him I’m so sick of these fucking SJW’s who have to shit on the most minute thing like could you focus on something else that is more important like I don’t know actual sexism that is going on over in the Middle East but I guess if they did that they would be called racist by the same fucks who complained about the stupid fucking shirt fucking conehead idiots.


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