Good health and good luck.

29:58 major disrespect cutting dude off like that. was not the first time he did it either.

Also, you lack the acumen to understand desktop metaphors on touch devices will fail in the market. You’re whining and crying about MS releasing a tablet first. No kidding. An intelligent person has the ability to discern the fact MS released a tablet that failed while Apple released a different type of tablet that succeeded.

“One fish, two fish; red fish, blue fish” 😍🙏🏻💯

Suicide lockheed martin

Well it’s about time!

And if you can find it…

I want to read the comments of those 606 people who disliked this video

Now i can write a proper essay

I’m really…I have enjoyed and benefited a lot from this lesson…notice I’m beginner student pls correct my comment if it has any broken English

“Trump is just like everyone else when he jumps from topic to topic”. But I bet the people that WRITE HIS SPEECHES aren’t. Trump can’t concentrate long enough to stick to a prepared speech. Does this woman have any official qualifications?

The only people I know that jump from subject to subject incoherently are stupid female linquistictics…..

10:14 I always joke that my skin isn’t white it’s transparent. But holy shit I’m dark skinned compared to that girl. lol

Yeah? What about the guy that’s putting sawdust in his bread so he can sell it cheap, giving people appendicitis? Or the guy that ships toxic chemicals in a tanker car to one area and saves money by not cleaning the tanker, then ships milk back on the return trip that he can sell cheaper because he’s willing to poison (only a little bit) his customers?

Well I am a Chinese students and when I taking my eco class, I always totally lost. hh But your small quiz and practice are really helpful and it let me to concentrate on the question quickly. It is really helpful videos for international students!

Cossacks : European Wars and Empire Earth.

Can someone please elaborate on the New Zealand part?


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