Im so fckn tired of this shit…is not even funny!!!

Do you have any structures??

You’re a doctor. You can treat a patient with drug A or drug B. Drug A is very effective, reducing the 5-year likely hood that the patient dies from any cause by 8% (including the effect on his disease, old age, car accidents, side effects of drugs, etc.). That being said, drug A also has a minor chance of causing a patient’s death through colapse of his immune system. This is a low chance that doesn’t offset the 8% improved survival.

I would like to tell about Islam.

This is very useful, thanks!! 🙂

I am especially interested in simulating monte carlo experiments with one of the assets having a drift

Shvartz -(g)er (=Black) (Jidd.)

+1 for being a girl

Do a vid on metamodernism.


Wait Frodo is a hobbit.

Must admit… I cried quite alot the first time i heard the story about Alex. R. I.P.

We are now starting to understand better why culture at large and gays in particular impose a « born this way »-dogma.

Thinking Robot : They starved to death because without jobs, they couldn’t afford food.

Hey thank you so much for doing this, its helping me SO MUCH ;_;


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