3.Lev Tolstoy – white from Russia

Exactly what are they learning? What am I learning?

How does central bank/government extend credit for almost anyone and anything while keeping the inflation low?

I’d love to see this guy break down the historical depictions from ERB

Excellent. Thank you.

But it’s very hard to understand some of the others, like the Bavarian ore the Swiss one. They sound like totally different languages!

After watching this video I only have one thing to say. It is what it is.

Fahd happiness equation

Dude your fucking amazing why cant you be my teachers thank you

After this talk they all went home and wrote papers on it.

Funny you forgot in your video one of the VERY most beautiful :/

Just wanna say i really really really love The Ling Space. Very informative for my linguistic classes. 🙂 Thank you!

Love and war;D tf2:)

Maja aa gaya sir, thank u so much.

You don’t have an idea what you are talking about. Raw cameras produce no “flat picture” because raw datas are no picture. A human cannot see a picture in raw datas. It’s only datas wich needed to be interpreted by a Look Up Table (LUT). You mainly use flat LUTs to see what the capability of your picture is. The people who interpret the datas during the color grading definitely do neither have problems with the “flatness” of the picture in a music video, nor in a movie. If the final video is that flat, they definitely wanted to have it exactly the way it is. This is not about cameras. You need to get much deeper to say anything about Alexa and Red differences. Only thing you should say in this video is that you don’t like the look of that movies the comparison between look of comics and movies is interesting but if you want to call it essay, please stop talking all this nonsense.

So nothing in genes and nothing in brain scans… No test..


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