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That was helpful

That kid – native klingon speaker, could become a king of all nerds and make milions on youtube.

@01:01 Exactly correct too! Judging is really not good

I am more than a man, death will rise from the tide.

@iphone3gscase dubstep and mw3 sucks. fag.

I couldn’t understand how that;s the region of producer’s surplus

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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Writing down all that you have accomplished works for middle age crazies too. I’m past that stage but the writing down of all that I had accomplished up until the age of 50 really helped me move into the next chapters of my life. Taking up new hobbies, new projects, new insights and I’m no where near finished adding red feathers to my cap.

WTF!?! Hell yeah!

The only problem that I really have with this message is that people are getting inaccurate rosy information that they will base the decisions on, then we will call them stupid…

“Marianne LaFrance, the former chair of the Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and

Idk it depends if I’m in a rush or somthing

In imtro

Am I the only one who feels like rick knows there is a god but can’t understand the complexity of a deity or the universe, I mean he meets the devil, sees an afterlife, and yet in lives a constant state of nihilistic destruction and depression because he doesn’t understand anything beyond human comprehension, yet is closest to it.

So the first step to stopping a guy with a knife is to jacket off. Got it.

I think you should have pointed out that when the Iranian people voted in the referendum they were only given two options: Do you want an Islamic state or do you want to keep the Pahlavi dynasty?

A dumb interpretation of a dumb blabber mouth.



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