LOTR BFME II, that’s I like the most. The music in game play is epic.

Nice video 😃😆😤my writing show my pesonality

I scored 320 so I got 9-16 PRETTY ACCURATE AHA


U’re the best Teacher eva!

Good video, i understood it so well even if i’m french, great job dude

I enjoy a lot all your class.

Arnold schwarzenegger: ” Come on…don bullshit me”

Camus thought life was meaningless, but thought we should still live it fully. He thought life should be lived to the point of tears, and that we had to imagine Sisyphus as smiling while pushing his rock up the hill every day.

Thank you very much for such a good presentation, information provided in the presentation is much more precise, concrete, subjective and last but not the least elaborative.

8:48 wiiiiii ow wiiiiiii

Unfortunately, even if the mass majority watches this. They will still continue to listen to news media outlets that favor their opinion as truth… People are lazy and don’t want to spend an extra minute to verify the facts, and search for real concerns that exist.

Pls don’t move camera too much

“This cow pat is a very unique case of pizza because it doesn’t smell like Pizza.”

Youre awesome. i hope you get rich off youtube my man.

Just received a perfect score on my first econ test and its all accredited to this video. Thank you.

Commandos probabaly should have been there.

What is missing from this line of reasoning,


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