“Most existentialists would remind you that the world and your life can have meaning, but only if you choose to assign it.” (7:22)

Can you imagine staying in a single room for 13 years straight without communication and just eating baby food and soft boiled egg? for me it’s traumatizing.

Sir, put some more on essay and letter

My favourite novel is probably Lord of the Flies.

At 4:33 ;”when naz………to find” @8:53

16 to 21 Exactly correct I knew I would ahve a more mature mind!

Very Nice Documentary!!!!!!

I learned a lot, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💓

She hit the nail on the head. I’d rather have a president who speaks down to earth like Trump does, than have a president who speaks like a cool, smarmy, deceitful snake such as obummer did. Charming demon from hell he was….

I don’t mean to be rude but you have horrible handwriting man

I speak Dutch, Armenian and English! 😊

(the only place they go to translate that, and old high german are south Australia

JACK play world of goo it’s a really fun game!

Nice Presentation….

You’re in charge of a field hospital in the midst of a military conflict. You are a utilitarian. A bombing has caused massive injuries in the civilian and military populations. There are more people who need treatment than there are doctors/nurses to treat them. Which injured people do you help first? Explain why your choice conforms to the principles of utilitarianism.

These are great!! Thank you.


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