I started having problems at 14 too, and like Stephen, it just looked like “bad behaviour”. I either “misbehaved” completely and caused chaos at school, didn’t do any work, was constantly in trouble, on report, or on the brink of expulsion….or I didn’t turn up at all because I refused to get out of bed, wanted to believe the world didn’t exist, and wouldn’t talk to anyone or go out. I think my parents were appalled because they paid a lot of money for me to go to school but I couldn’t help it. I was hospitalised at 18, then again at 19, and sectioned. It is a truly horrible illness to live with but I believe we gain some semi good things from it, for me, and I can only speak for me, it was heightened compassion, insight, and understanding of suffering and the human condition.

Umm I’m gonna stop you right there bitch and call bs on your credentials.

Who here is starting their journey to be an economist and is SUPER excited for it?! 😀

More than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and,

Great video! love this guy

Simulacra and simulation

I have a question about the ppf graph: How come the lines are curved? If the production is 1 plane per 8 shoes, the line really should be straight. What kind of simplifications were made?

Honestly, bless your soul. you’re helping so many students tonight and you helped me during the school year. thank you for all your videos and hard work 😭


Race is a social construct term term that is meant to categorize! Mulatto is one example of a race that has evolved when two persons when different traits met and bred. You are talking about something that has occurred within hundreds of years, the evolution of humans is thousands. Stop polluting the internet with garbage.

7th grade is over. wonder what 8th grade will be after this video :DDD

Do you predict that this will be the chosen one in the exam? thankyou for all of your videos they have really put my mind at rest 🙂

Long sssssss, I’m out

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Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!

Yeah man i read the synopsis. Sound’s Definitely like the kind of thing i’d get into.

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They’re good on being non political and not biased

Reminds me of an episode is Star Trek nex gen

God knows who the linguist spends time with! “Normal people” don’t have the vocabulary of slow-developing 5 y olds!

Hi Mr. Reich., We met twenty years ago or so in New Orleans. I was Mark Twain–you were yourself. We were both addressing life insurance salesmen. Thanks for all you’ve done to educate America and the World.

Hi sir @Guy E White… I am having a hard time finding for a research problem that will relate to applied linguistics and I am planning to choose translational health, any suggestion?.. Hope I can get a reply from you…

Ohh… my goodness i did it wrong all the time.




I’m really struggling and love you and your videos 😭😭

JACK! triple the blocks using the add button and copy to button. triple each block individually, not using the other blocks.

Thank you! You explained SCM better than my professor. good job!

“We had a huge kickstater with our last one, and we have delivered on it.”

Perhaps still it’s not too late,

I didn’t get the basic concept of Opportunity Cost. I mean if it is the MOST desirable alternative, then why is it given up for some other alternative?

(end quote)

There’s a bright side for Trump, he’s at least three grades above Republican voters.

Wow I wish this channel was around when i was in highschool

Thanks a lot.

There is no free will. We are born with genetic programing and then gain experiential programing. Even the way in which we seemingly decide what to do, comes from prior programing. Our sense of self is just layers of elaborate programing. There is no self and there for no free will.

This is epic. Thank you!!!LITERALLY the first video I found that did not put me to sleep!!!


(P. s. I despise the U. S but lately, I’m starting to like it more and more)

Hepful classes, thaks

Actually there was a lot of fraud voting when it came to the popular vote. especially with all the illegals and people voting more than once. God bless America and God bless Trump. Oh and if you sjw’s start something with me I won’t say sorry for any thing you libtards. Oh by the way Lincoln lost the popular vote too, but he was still elected president through the electoral college!!! Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He should be president 2020

I LOVE this!

I can find at least 1 person sleeping during these presentations xD

Please please please do Dragon Tongue from Skyrim!

This bloke need to touch on shit Aussie accents from non-Aussies. Because if I hear one more Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan ocker-style attempt I’m going to punch kittens.

Кто от Маши Тимошенко?



I love the way he deliver his thoughts 😙

That was quite helpful thanks 🙂

George Watsky.

I love it, GREAT!!?

Not even honerable mention for empire at war

Lord of the ring number 9? Are you stupid watch mojo?

“The City of Ember” Jeanne DuPrau

Hey Jack do u know how to add a pic to your account on YouTube😜😆😇

This was beautiful. You’re my favorite YouTuber

If you make something TOO cheap though, people might not want to buy it because they get suspicious.

She could not understand him because he was a Piracha.

I felt exactly the same for the majority of my A Levels too so honestly don’t stress. YOU CAN DO THIS! How many full, compulsory texts do you have to read? Make a mind map of the things you have read (or know a lot about) – I think you will surprise yourself. If you are really struggling with reading full texts invest in some extract books and just get your secondary reading from them. Good luck. I hope this helps 🙂

Emma is bad girl

The video is good and the information related in the video is helpful. You can also visit the website of the software called as which does provide all the compliance related software.

Why does his name tag say Bryon?

I always appreciate his videos for taking a very measured approach to these types of subjects, showing both sides of the argument and ending on an opinion that he identifies with. I know I might be shouting into a void now but I think the whole lack of women in STEM will be fixed gradually. While we see a divide now, within a few generations these gender norms that are lasting from bygone times while fade further and further into antiquity and I feel that wearing a shirt wont stop that. What I am worried about is the pleasure that you mentioned not just in the traditional way but also in a reverse sense. There must be a sense of pleasure felt by the people demanding that these types of images be taken down when they eventually are. I worry that free expression might be damaged by these people and the pleasure they seek.

Jack not to be mean but jump means it jumps back to the program you want

Thank you very much 🙂



When I used Concession, my teacher said that why would you mention any other aspect when you are provided with the topic you want to concentrate on!

I never been to college….. I don’t think it’s that bad, is it?


. Week 2 3: simple pronoun, simple noun,

How do you know what is easy and what is not? Something may appear easy exactly because human brains are hard-wired for that. For example, any 2 y. o. can look at picture and tell whether it is a cat or a dog. Easy, right? Now, try to create a program (or an artificial neural networks) that will do this task reliably, and you will find out that is a very complex problem to solve.

If you wanna see some fucked up dr seuss shit watch the paraphinalia wagon scene in grinch night

Thanks alot

Huh, never knew i was a utilitarianist, thought i was just stupid to allways take one for the team, or psychotic to easily sacrefice one for the many. turns out, im the sane one!

All these atoms are not so different than we are,

What makes a villain?


Great lecture. Thank you!

And by joining the mob, like nerdwriter1 here does, all one does is create an atmosphere of bullying and moral outrage that is currently sweeping social media.

/Users/MAYCOCKHRO/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.19.26 pm. png

What was the comment?!

I love drawing people and that is all i can really draw. People in my class would talk about me because i only draw people. My mum says that artists specialise in different things but it still annoys me. Is it wrong for me only to draw people?

This guy seems uncomfortable when chomsky criticizes advertising

Im driving to school listening to this, not studying

Thank you so much

I feel like i can really learn life lessons from these



To think that it’s possible to do a top ten list for novels is akin to thinking you can do a top ten list for best religions. Yes many of the works you guys showcased as the top ten were some of the greatest, but the list fell short because it failed to recognize what makes a novel great. You covered the societal impact of each novel, but failed to even mention how these works of art impacted the world of fiction. Take Dracula for example: Not only was it an amazing novel, but it has had a lasting affect on fiction. It introduced the world to what we recognize today as vampires. Without Bram Stoker, we would not have the modern vampire myth. Frankenstein was arguably the first work of science fiction. My point is, either stick to movies, or take the time to make a series out of this. It can’t be finished off with one list.

Fantastic video

Where are the close captions?

Martin Shkreli looks like Cat in the Hat.

How many kids do you want to suffer in this life… I mean, how many kids do you want to have?

Hopefully that provides insight into why we are grammar nazis instead of blatant assholes.

Nyc nd vry helpful video…

Vox is the only channel with good content

V well taught….Thnx dear…..

Is that the reading rainbow guy?!:O

Thanks sir

Large handwriting

After watching this video I realized this guy isn’t a douche. The media loves trashing him he’s actually a good guy.

Who is the sound guy fuck sake. Like -24dB.

Without Economy our world wide society would be guaranteed to collapse. With Economy we still have a (small) chance.

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉



Or facebook id. Bilalashrafjalip99

“Go pick up corn” – 2:06 – that’s the most amazing part really – his ease of use with the english language is truly remarkable. that sentence wasn’t solicited by her at all, he did it of his own volition and desire

God! I hate when it when your writing something down, it sounds amazing, but then you read it and it’s shit! -_-

Why is the PPF graph not linear?

When I’m on my Cal HR Portal and I want to apply via electronically. When I click on submit application, i get a red pop up that says SOQ not attached? Where do I attach that?

5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

People be cautios about this videos and learn that there is much more that the eye can see from what they present.

You missed age of empires III

4:16 – officially goes nuts.

There is no right thing to do just because you killing 1 instead of 5.!

Omg jacks looks and sounds different back then, and now jack is so mature, hes growing up in front of our eyes

Wild-born African grey parrots are thought to live longer than those raised exclusively in captivity. Life span in the wild is up to 80 years; one specimen is known to have lived to 90 years. Captive-bred African grey parrots average 50 years, but some parrots may die at 30 or 40 years of age.

I really hope I wasn’t the only one who got the “Great Gatsby” reference.

I speak french, English, Arabic and wolof

Wow.. super explanation..

I’m a keep it 100, my music was terrible

Can you do a 30 mark question, and show us visually how to do it please!

This is quite possibly the Internet’s single best review of any academic subject. You’ve really packed an amazing amount of valuable information into these 15 minutes, and done so with remarkable clarity and completeness.

Thank you so much you really helped me ❤

Cambel bowyer



Many Thanks and very helpful indeed..

This video must be sponsored by Albanians. 🙁

People who dwell on problems become depressed. People who dwell on solutions don’t become depressed.

This harsh reality breaks my heart……

Pff, the universe isn’t infinite! This is the 7th universe, and we have some galaxies. Then there’s the 6th universe, which contains some galaxies as well, that are slightly different from ours.

“No i cant stop yelling cause this is how i talk” — Dave Chappelle

Why tf is such an innocent videos comment section so full of hatred?? smh this is why we cant get along you people want to make everything political and a race thing

Go right ahead and become boring and irrelevent if you want, but don’t expect respect

If you find this one too difficult, I have added a newer version that shows the lyrics and then identifies the type of figurative language. Check it out for practice.

Ollie Bye – I really like your presentations, and truly hope you can represent an accurate account of history. Please take this comment seriously and read this article – Thanks! – http://indiafacts. org/aryan-invasion-myth-21st-century-science-debunks-19th-century-indology/

Great work! 🙂 Cecilia xo


2:38 the dude is apologizing for saying the authors name wrong?!?!? What’s wrong with you Dude! Why don’t you learn to say it correctly. You Americans always apologizing for pronouncing foreign names incorrectly. Are you lazy or just arrogant? My name is LIND-GREN or ‘Lindgren’ aka Johnnie de Bangkok Pattya Today Life & Leisure Editor

Looks awesome! have to check it out myself. you should check out the app hacked, it’s like this only not graphical, a bit more fast paced and it has an open world mode

Did that guy just shit on Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Fuck ooofff you SJW asshole.

Martin should thank Charlamagne for making him look like a fantastic human being by comparison.

Would an OLS degree with a minor in Communications be good to get into HR?

Again, another great video. I’m not sure where I stand with Foucault, but then again I’ve not read much of his work to make an accurate judgement. I wondering, if you get the time, could you do a video on the philosopher and psychiatrist R. D Laing?

At end: he was mean but now he learned his lesson from the aliens




We have superpowers real super

I really want that bulls and bears statue behind Mr. Clifford 🙁

I really needed to hear this today, thank you for this lovely speech 🙂

-Command economy = everything controlled by the government (including output) , which is opposite to a free market economy (or capitalism) where individuals own the factors of production, and government stays out of production, commerce, and trade → meaning businesses make things with the sole purpose of profit

Seriously?? It is so hard to follow this video because of the robotic voice. The speech and explanation of the HR concepts are not fluent at all. SMH

Hi Liz, thank you for your lessons, they are very helpful. My English teachers always told me that in academic essay we must not use “I”, “in my opinion” or “I think”… So now I’m confused. Please help me.

Good explaination..i like it.

I read intersexual…..oops

So fast in speaking… .

So the woman lost her daughter and grandson, fell in love with the man who murdered them?

Yes but you half the size each time the split is made

Does anyone speak or learn Korean? I’ve been learning for about 4 months so I was wondering if any of you have any tips. I find the accent or sound of it difficult to nail down. I’m embarrassed to show my friends because I still sound English when speaking it. Thank you so much!

Shame on you, globalists, sham on you!


You didn’t change your shirt. You just recorded it at two different times. Nice cover though. 😛

Whatever your opinion is on what OUGHT to be, Taiwan has been an independent country for quite some time and has benefited through trade. This video isn’t stating what OUGHT to be, it’s stating what IS. And whatever you think of what OUGHT to be for Taiwan, you are lying if you think that Taiwan hasn’t made it’s own economic decisions INDEPENDENTLY from a certain douche bag neighbour.


Thank you so much from Dubai Mr Clifford!! You deserve the world for helping us kids everywhere!!

Does anyone know the name of the philosophers and books, that he is referring to, please!

-Mr Meeseeks

The background music reminds me of lush life (the song)

@ColdCoffy nope luckily :L, but i do have my theory pe exam 🙁

Self-interest does not mean selfish. Also, acting in self-intetest avoids the pretense of knowing what’s good for other people.




Has there ever been a good Robin Hood accent? Whether he was from Nottingham or Yorkshire, neither Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner came close.

What about women who are trying to attract women? do these same things apply to lesbians, too? or should I make a point to not expose my neck, stop plucking my eyebrows, and hide my hips in order to reduce unwanted attention from men?

This series is shaping up nicely.

When you want to address someone by name, you usually add “e” to male names and “o” to female names. For female names it sounds a bit rude so it’s rarely used. For male names however, it’s the most common way to address them. Example (in Latin letters for readability): “IvanE, kade otivash?”, translated: “Ivan, where are you going?”

This is really sounding like Religion, I wonder why🤔

Hey! I am 16 and I once thought that I was suffering from depression which turned out to be just the fear of my peers getting ahead of me. It was a bad feeling and I was really feeling low and almost gave up on studying, the only thing I was good at. My elder brother was very angry with me and my behavior, so he decided to enroll me in a classical guitar tuition class and also forced me to exercise daily. From then, I have never felt depressed. I still get bullied by some stronger kids who have been exercising since they were kids but I am catching up. I no more cry. I feel so strong and satisfied as well. So, if anyone of you is feeling depressed, I would recommend you to exercise daily and also try to learn a good musical instrument. It works like charm. Believe me.


That you have decided apriori are “X” and “X” needs to change into Y” in oder to fit preconceived notions, for example, of “normalcy which again is banal and infantile, as it TELL YOU NOTHING about the engagement and the affect-co-created engagement (co-created meaning making) that can occur by engaging the child rather than a priori labeling it as positive vs, negative. Relationship dynamics, meaning and co-created affective engagement; deepening reciprocal; attachment which allows for

Get yours first. :p

Well that’s what Jobs did, he was a damn parasite. He fired a team of engineers because they couldn’t make Apple’s cloud service magically work perfectly overnight. Jobs was known to harass the staff, he sure as hell wasn’t fired.

Now i understand thanks!!!!

I spend most of my time on the internet watching videos and learning a lot of stuff about math, physics, biology, phycology, language ya know just the stuff that interest me and fail at school at the same time (something is really wrong there)

And that is why Asians shouldn´t drive…I am so sorry

The problem is technology and how fast it’s advancing. Technology is making us live longer while making us breed faster.



Back to my ordinary, everyday, Lithium and more pill poppin’. Living on a pension way under EU, s norm for fovatry.

All Filipinos are bilingual lmao

If you want to point out the gender imbalance in STEM fields you should stick to those facts, not point to innocuous objects and subjective opinions and drawing unsupported conclusions from them to further your argument. It is only hurtful, and I think that people are right to criticize such a bad argument.

Thank you liberals for highlighting just how subconsciously racist you actually are.

Omg you’re so talenter😍

Эжаойё тавялаюч дырывий.


Want cheese with that whine

Do read jim morgan and the seven sins by bharat madan

“The Shoes of the Fisherman” by Morris West predates Pope John Paul II, but oddly predicts the rise of an Eastern European/Slavic pope.

Isn’t the word brutal is a little over dramatic?

I appreciate that this exists but I find that its much lower in quality than the other Crash Course series. I feel like more effort could be put into the initial filming and the scripting!

Inspiring figure…. maybe. But it also amazes me how he value original thinking over correct conclusions. Just because you question the status quo doesn’t mean that your conclusions will be more correct. Almost every one of the examples in this video highlights the flaws in his thinking.

Luckily I leave in Russia where education is about hating USA, gays and liberalism🤙🏻


I understand that these images can make women feel insecure. As a man I will never go through this to the same degree that women do. I do however feel insecure about my body image. I consider myself to be to fat to be liked by women. But I never would turn around and expect anyone to remove images that reinforce my insecurities. I think it’s important for me to socialize myself in a way, were I can deal with my own insecurities and not get in the way of things that other people like. I am a big proponent of personal responsibility in this respect. My final question is should people be hide images or other media content with images of sexualization or should people be socialized to know that it’s ridiculous to compare yourself to images in the media since there mostly all fake?

It’s insulting

Fire also illuminates…

It’s pronounced scare-city, by the way!

When he said united in the fact that we cant stand each other, i was like that’s so true because think about, there was a CILVIL WAR in AMERICA, and also political stuff and if I’m wrong correct me

Anyway I love you 😍😍😘💕!

I love these econ movies, they are fun, but incredibly helpful. Thanks a million.

This gave me hope

If she breathes she a THOT.